Olimpia Milano, three absent for challenge with Asvel

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The competition è scheduled to take place in the LDLC Arena in Lyon, a 12,000-seat field

After almost a month of stop, Olimpia returns to play in the Euroleague. The white-and-reds’ standings situation è very complicated, the play-in dream è almost vanished (11-15 the record of Messina’s team). All the more reason to do well on the court of Asvel Villeurbanne (only five wins in Euroleague). Trivia: The game è scheduled in Lyon’s LDLC Arena, a 12,000-seat court.

Coach Messina has to deal with three absences. Tonut, Flaccadori and Napier, the latter struggling with a left foot problem, did not start for the trip to French soil. The U.S. point guard is expected to be available again starting next week. In the role of point guard, in addition to Lo, Hall, who has already played in that position in the past, will surely be employed.

"We will try to overcome the difficulties faced in preparing for this trip, well aware of how important it is to keep our chances alive. We know that it will be a difficult game, becauseé Villeurbanne after another coaching change has regained vitality, now has a deeper roster, and has talent beyond what the standings indicate. Controlling the pace of the game and defending well on their scorers will beà fundamental", the words of coach Messina.

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