Omar Camporese explains the growth of Jannik Sinner

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Omar Camporese explains the growth of Jannik Sinner

Omar Camporese, unforgettable Italian tennis champion of the 1980s and 1990s, number 18 in the world in 1992, è was interviewed exclusively by the site and spoke, above all, about Jannik Sinner, for whose exponential improvements the Bolognese has a very precise explanation. Here are his words.

“I would say that Sinner’s growth è a mix of his talent and the work of his staff. Jannik ès natural talent is well known and evident, but due credit must also be given to the great work of his team that follows him impeccably. From a technical point of view the biggest leap forward he has made with his serving. Before, he used to betray a little bit of nervousness in some matches precisely because he didné t feel calm at the serve, now heé s calm because he knows that thisé s become one of his main weapons. I think the "spark", if you can call it that, came during the ATP Finals. Sinner è arrived there mentally aware that he could play for the highest goals, even the top spot in the rankings. The Davis Cup victory, where è was decisive, did the rest. Then in Australia he played very well in all the matches, winning with merit. Now we are all curious to know what he will be able to do on clay, where it will be hotter and the exchanges will be longer. Lì you will really understand how long it will take Jannik to go after Djokovic, but I think it is just a matter of time. As for Wimbledon I think Sinner can be among the favorites, è he has grown a lot since the semifinal he lost to Djokovic last year”.

“Alcaraz? Let’s start by saying that he is two years younger than Jannik, but at the moment he has won one more Slam. Over the course of a season, especially for such a young athlete, è it is normal to go through ups and downs, especially psychologically. Carlos and Jannik will be the two athletes who will dominate the scene in the coming years, but it è not necessarily that 2024 is already the good year to “dethrone” Djokovic. Novak è still the man to beat in all tournaments and moreover has a good margin over both of them in the rankings. I think he can handle it for the whole year’


Then a few words about the Lorenzo Musetti crisis: “I have a soft spot for Musetti and not as of today. It may be romantic and a little bit retr’ retrò, but if there’è a reason why I dislike today’s tennis very little è that I don’t see many technical players anymore. Musetti è among them. I get excited about players as talented as Lorenzo, who technically è one of the cleanest tennis players on the circuit. In one’interview I was attributed words that I didn’t say, because I don’t think Musetti likes himself too much’. Simply in the Davis Cup on Rai I said that one in possession of his talent can’t play four meters off the court, but much closer to the baseline. He mayò not yet be so strong mentally, but he has an extraordinary talent and a backhand that excites. He canò still grow and get very high. Doubles canò definitely help him and I say that from experience. I used to play it to train, but also to improve some strokes like response or net game. Italy è also put well in doubles in view of Davis. I am optimistic for the aftermath of Fognini and Bolelli: Sinner canò play with everyone, Sonego has already played very good matches and besides Musetti let”’s not forget Vavassori”.

Finally, one cannot miss a joke about Jasmine Paolini’s growth: “In Italian tennis by strange coincidences that cannot be explained we have never had champions of absolute value at the same time in men’s and women’s. When the boys were doing very well the same did not happen for the women and vice versa. Now maybe the trend canò change. I can’t say whether Jasmine can get to challenge the strongest in the world. For now she is surprising everyone, I am especially happy for her and also for her coach who è a dear friend of mine. With Renzo Furlan I shared many matches and many trainings, è a guy I respect a lot, so Paolini’s growth doesn’t surprise me because I know that behind it there’è Renzo&rdquo’s great work.

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