Paola Egonu lets loose after triumph

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The words of Paola Egonu

Hot interview for Paola Egonu after the golden set that è earned a historic Champions League final for Allianz Vero Volley Milano. "I am really proud: I have no words. We were good in the’last set to stay clear-headed, to have courage in a hall packed with opposing fans. I am proud, happy and wish myself the best for future challenges".

Coach Marco Gaspari echoed her: "The girls had so much courage today. In front of us we found a team that put up as many as 14 aces. We knew it would be a very difficult match, in fact at the end of the fourth set I said that by now we were used to suffering. The team, despite the small lapse in the Golden Set è grew from point to point".

"I also wanted to give a big applause to the medical staff, becauseé Alessia (Orro ed.) could not have taken the court, but thanks to the staff she did and fought like a lioness; both she and Helena (Cazaute ed.), also in great difficultyà physically after the’last match. A round of applause to everyone: getting to the final is never easy, let alone the Champions League final. Now we have little time to rest, but these girls did a great job".

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