Psychologist Luisa Cirimbilli highlights the importance of Jannik Sinner’s gesture in Indian Wells

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Jannik Sinner’s gesture è a splendid example

Rarely has an Italian sportsman agreed on all, or almost all, of our home fans. Jannik Sinner gathers acclaim not only for what he does on the field – and that among other things è under everyone’s eyes – but also for his behavior. asked Luisa Cirimbilli, clinical and sports psychologist, the whyé of this real Sinner-mania that is not limited to’appreciation for the’athete but also for the’man.

"To the fact of being a sportsman of the highest level Sinner combines an even extra-sporting example that è rare to see,” he said. “Since tennis is an individual discipline è more evident, but certainly no less important than what can happen at the team level, in which the attention of the beholder è distributed among several’athletes".

"In tennis, the reactions and attitudes of athletes are more visible, compared to those of the players included in a team, unless they are really blatant, and he in this sense è number 1, also for sobrietyà – added Cirimbilli: holding up the’umbrella, avoiding that it was the girl who did it, è a gesture of attention, made with the utmost naturalness, which can’lead him to be an example for many young people".

"What Jannik showed in the Indian Wells semifinals è one of the gestures hoped for by parents with children who are on a quest to understand what is right and wrong and build an’identity’based on solid principles: they would like them to behave that way, too. Sinner’s gesture responds to a social need that is widespread at the moment" the Perugian psychologist’s conclusion.

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