Brescia, Alessandro Magro calls the crowd together for the challenge with Virtus

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The words of Alessandro Magro

Coach Alessandro Magro presented the challenge between Pallacanestro Brescia and Virtus Segafredo Bologna in a press conference: "We present Monday’s postponement against Virtus Bologna, we know how important this game is for us and for the standings since the first and second force in the league are facing each other. It will beà a game that will putà in front of two teams that have the needà to restart since the case is that both we and Bologna in the last two away games have lost to Sassari and Pesaro".

" It will be important to make use of what will be the court factor,” he added, “It will be a sold-out game and we will absolutely need the boost of our public. After the break, there are fewer and fewer teams that manage to impose themselves on the road and there are different reasons, many have strengthened while others need to find points to move away from the relegation zone or to reach the playoffs.

"Bologna will comeà to us not only with the needà to get back on track in the league, as precisely we also have to try to do, but they will comeà toò with two more games on their legs given the away game in Kaunas and tonight’s game in Belgrade against Red Star. Obviously it will beà difficult to make predictions about what the players involved in this game may be, becauseé there have been games where Dunston did not play and è then returned, we do not know about Hackett’s condition and we do not know about Cordinier’s condition so we will not only see the game tonight but we will then try to see what will beà Monday’s game.

"We have definitely taken an additional step forward – he then stressed – compared, in my opinion, to the growth in performance seen net of the defeat in Sassari and in the overall 3 games (Pesaro-Scafati-Sassari) and we have seen again some minutes in Sassari more similar to who we were pre break than post break and I hope that this path of growth and rebirth can continue but è obviously we will have to do it against a team that has shown to be perhaps the best team in the league".

Suglia opponents: "È a team that is rediscovering players like Belinelli, a constant thorn in the side, Shengelia who continues to be quite a rebus player for the Italian league, and they are definitely two of the most important players. Lundberg who in key moments always manages to put his from a talent point of view. I must say that è a team that has so many players, so many options, and è it is difficult to try to figure out how to exclude one thing or the other because è they are really a team that can play very well together. Defensively è they can try to impose a level of physicality that we are not always used to".

" It will be a good test for us and I think it can be a playoff-style game net of the energy that we, and especially Bologna, will be able to put in on Monday. We will need our best version, the warmth and the push of our public to try to bring home the two points that would mean so much, not only from a morale point of view but also from a mathematical point of view for the ranking" concluded Magro.

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