Matteo Berrettini, Nicola Pietrangeli tells a sensational backstory.

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Matteo Berrettini, Nicola Pietrangeli tells a sensational backstory

During an interview with the microphones of "Mowmag", former Italian tennis player Nicola Pietrangeli, among other topics, dwelt on Matteo Berrettini's defeat in his debut at the Miami Masters 1000 against Andy Murray. In addition, the former world number three è returned to talk about the recent negative moment experienced by the Roman tennis player, also revealing a sensational backstory.

"He says it was very hot and the weather was humid, but only he knows the truth. Matteo è a very good boy, but he has a problem in his legs and two years ago he told me he wanted to quit. These guys are so lucky they don’t even realize it, they are rich and famous, what more do they want? There's people around who are starving even though mine is not è an attack on Berrettini" began the former Italian tennis player.

"Murray è a very good player, so I wouldn&#39t make a drama out of the defeat anyway. I don&#39t know why he wanted to quit, you have to ask him that, I just let him talk, but the fact that he left Santopadre makes it clear that something was wrong. Playing badly was definitely not related to the fact that he was with a beautiful girl like Melissa Satta, becauseè all tennis players have beautiful women next to them and it does not mean that their presence makes you play worse tennis" added the former world number three.

"He has weak legs for his physique, in the end it always seems that I want to criticize but this is not è a criticism. It's a fact, becauseè the lower part for tennis è everything and if you are not well planted on the ground with your legs you cannot carry your shots well" Nicola Pietrangeli commented.

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