Paola Egonu, last effort of regular season

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Paola Egonu in Vallefoglia

Allianz Vero Volleyball Milano è is ready to return to the court for the thirteenth and final day of the return leg of the TigotàA1 Series. The day after tomorrow, Sunday, March 24 at 5 p.m. (live TV, the team coached by Marco Gaspari will challenge Megabox Ond. Savio Vallefoglia.

Orro and her teammates will have the’last chance to try to recover the second position in the standings, only one point (61 to 60) away from Scandicci. The third position is now secured, with Novara unable to catch up with the meneghine, ahead by 4 points.

It will be only the seventh confrontation in history between the two formations, with the balance leaning totally in favor of the Milanese always winning against the Marches. Milan will have to manage its energies at best, after last Tuesday–s historic CEV Champions League Semifinal that – at the end of a very tight match, ended only at the Golden Set -, gave Gaspari’s girls the landing to the’last act of the top continental competition.

Also in the next match Vero Volleyball will have to rely on a convincing serve, led by Paola Egonu, second in the special ranking of “best acers” with 40 winning serves in the season. The Venetian opposing è on the other hand, leads among the “best spikers” of Serie A1 Tigotà, strong with her 538 points scored, ahead of Scandicci’s Antropova (468). At the team level, the Milanese lineup è also ranked first in total points (1758) and winning walls (274).

Turning to Vallefoglia, the Marche women are coming off two consecutive losses to Casalmaggiore and Conegliano. The Tigers would qualify for the play-offs, reserved for the top eight in the standings, by winning at least two sets against Milan. In the event of a scoreless loss, there are two other chances for Megabox to qualify: first, if Casalmaggiore does not win three points in Chieri; second, with Novara’s three-point win in Rome. If Casalmaggiore makes its entire stake in Chieri and Rome scores points with Novara, Megabox would finish ninth, out of the play-offs.

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