Pistoia, Nicola Brienza doesn’t trust Treviso

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Pistoia receives Treviso: coach Brienza warns his

Nicola Brienza, coach of Estra Pistoia, presented the challenge against Nutribullet Treviso in a press conference: "We know that mathematical salvation è by now around the corner and that, likewise, we have made the decisive step thanks to the victories in the last two away games, we want to continue to enjoy the good things we have done and in these last seven games we will definitely try everything to see if we are able to take other great satisfactions. A month and change of the championship that will tell us whether our season will be simply, and I say this with a smile on my face, fantastic or whether it can even turn into legendary".

"We have a calendar of four home games and three away games ahead of us – added the coach of the biancorossi -: having arrived at this point, è incredible to know that we are in this condition having done better away from Pistoia with six wins at PalaCarrara and as many successes "on the road". An aspect that provides additional value to our season and gives great value to these first 7-8 months given that, generally, teams that in the summer are built to save themselves try to take full advantage of the field factor by trying to make, at most, three outside wins. The fact that we rewrote the club record of statements away from home è rewarding for all of us: now we will play once again in a beautiful arena trying to improve our home record as an additional goal in this final rush of the regular season".

So he warned his people about Treviso: "Teams’ numbers have to be read and interpreted: one thinks of Treviso’s ranking with 16 points, the third’last place in the standings and having to scramble in the fight-salvation and then one believes it’s easier but if you take the standings from the tenth of the first leg, that is, from after they got unblocked, they have a record of 8 won and 6 lost and so they would be in full fight for the playoffs. They had to cope with the first difficult months, they turned the team around in the market and today they are quite different from’the beginning: that is why you can’t think of taking the game underhand".

"Then, as I always say, we are the ones that everyone gave us over the’last place in September: the values on the court are there, the Treviso players certainly have them, as well as they have the’ambition to be able to think of coming to Pistoia and win. If we drop an inch in quality and attention, it can happen that the values of the beginning of the year come back, so there’s a need to be on the ball. Always. We, however, are charged up and we are aware of what we can do against a team that è anything but in crisis" commented Brienza.

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