Jannik Sinner like Roger Federer: the knockout statistic after Miami

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Another data certifies the golden moment of the champion who is making Italy fall in love.

Jannik Sinner as Roger Federer, seven years later. The new feat of the South Tyrolean, who was able to win the Miami Open by scrambling Grigor Dimitrov in the final, in addition to securing him the No. 2 position in the ATP rankings rewrites the world tennis statistics books. His dazzling start to the season, in fact, has not occurred since the Basel star was still at the top of his career. At least in terms of one significant statistic.

During these early months of 2024, in fact, Sinner è was able to add first the Australian Open and then the Miami Open to his personal trophy cabinet. A dazzling one-two, which in fact no colleague è has been able to hit in several years. Since 2017, precisely, when the feat bore the signature of Roger Federer himself.

There'è also an additional fact that helps to understand how magical Jannik Sinner's 2024 is turning out to be. Since the turn of the century, in fact, only four tennis players have managed to win the Australian Open and a tournament between Indian Wells and Miami in the same season. And these are only absolute stars of the racquet: Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. As well as, again, Roger Federer.

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