Parma knocked out, Pecchia makes no drama: “Quitters? False.”

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Parma knockout, Pecchia makes no drama: "Quitters? False"

Serie B’s leading Parma broke its string of consecutive wins by losing at home to Catanzaro. An unexpected knockout that coach Pecchia did not want to dramatize: "It's happened that we lost, but I am delighted with the performance of my people, great test for pace and intensity. We always attacked them forward".

" I will not go into the refereeing decisions. In the second half we è played little with the many stoppages, we however maintained lucidityà in dribbling. They defended, they were all inside the area and it was not easy, only an episode would have reopened it. We, however, continued to insist".

Lack of clarity in the forwards: " Besides the spurt è lack of clarity; in the last pass. It's what I said even at halftime, sometimes the action has to be closed sooner. Us giving up? I absolutely disagree, I didn&#39t see a giving up attitude. There'è been something negative, but not the attitude. We didn&#39t reopen the game but the will was never lacking, we kept attacking".

Pecchia doesn&#39t want to hear about sterile ball possession: "There's been a crossbar, a good save by Partipilo. I saw many positive things, everyone sees it in their own way. We were not able to score the goal that would have then turned it back on. Sometimes it seems like you have to go on a bandwagon. I am fully aware of that, everything that is said around sometimes makes me laugh. We already have to think about the next one. Every game has a different difficulty".

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