Jannik Sinner, Adriano Panatta unabashed: “Aliens in San Candido.”

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Jannik Sinner, Adriano Panatta unabashed: "Aliens in San Candido"

Jannik Sinner è on everyone&#39s lips after a dominant start to 2024 that made him the number two tennis player in the world. After the Australian Open, the Azure won in Rotterdam and Miami, losing only one match to rival Alcaraz in Indian Wells. Adriano Panatta celebrated him at RAI microphones: "He is already playing as number 1, by summer he will surpass Djokovic. Opponents who challenge him have the knowledge that they can’t beat him, does that seem little? He plays extraterrestrial tennis, I have never seen anyone shoot soì hard".

"He and Carlos will become like Federer and Nadal", continued the " former Italian tennis player, who then at the podcast of "La Telefonata" on Spotify recoiled speaking with Paolo Bertolucci: "You have to reassure Pietrangeli and also yours truly that we are still stronger than him, you will say whyé we are still stronger than him. Becauseé we are part, I don’t know how much longer, of the human race, he is not part of the human race". 

"I have a theory. In fact I have two theories. The first theory è that one day the aliens landed wrongly heading for San Candido and left a red-haired child with these fantastic, very nice parents, and they said ‘look this one has to play tennis’ and then they left again with the spaceship. Another theory could be that Elon Musk’created it with artificial intelligence because’so’a human can’t play’


"Sinner è a cross between an alien and a ball-shooting machine that never misses,” Panatta said impressed. “Have you ever played, trained with a ball-shooting machine? The ball-throwing machine, as you know, never misses. He invented a new game, of tennis. Already; even Djokovic now seems outdated, let’s not talk about Federer or Nadal. They are players already; who are part of the past. But not becauseé they have stopped but becauseé their game is no longer è what is needed today. Iè tell you more. Even Federer at his best would have matched Sinner not so well becauseé Jannik pulls too hard, he pulls too hard, I have never seen him pull soé hard, come on".

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