Jannik Sinner working to be No. 29 in history

©Getty Images

The South Tyrolean aims to be the first Italian at the top of the ATP ranking

In Miami, Sinner captured the No. 2 position in the ATP ranking. The first Italian ever to do so, he now has in his sights the most prestigious goal, which is to become No. 1 in the world. A goal that seems well within reach for the South Tyrolean, who has been absolutely fantastic in this beginning of 2024 where he has lost only one match (against Alcaraz in Indian Wells).

Should he complete the task and conquer the top of the ATP ranking, Sinner would become the 29° No.1 since the computer ranking has existed (just over 40 years old). In short, the magnitude of this eventual, umpteenth, feat by the Italian would be extraordinary, not least because, if only the last 20 years of the ATP ranking are taken into account, there have been only six players capable of conquering the world&#39s top position, the one that is worth the title of the best tennis player on the globe.

The list includes the Big Three, namely Federer, Nadal and Djokovic (the latter just celebrated 418 weeks as world No. 1) and three "surprises" such as Murray (2016-17), Medvedev (2022) and Alcaraz (2022-23). Sinner could be the seventh on this short list and, by overtaking Djokovic, could really close the Big Three era and open a new one with him leading the new generation of tennis phenomena. The date with history è is near.

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