Juventus, how many close exams for Max Allegri

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The future of the HCL coach è all to be written

Juventus soccer: at the moment, Allegri’s bench è definitely shaky. The defeat, in the championship, with Lazio allowed Bologna to move to -2. Roma, fortunately for the Bianconeri, wasted a great chance with Lecce (0-0) but are still at -7. In short, the pass for the Champions League is not è yet certain, indeed è all to be conquered, considering the calendar that awaits the Old Lady in the championship.

Specifically, Juventus faces rather challenging teams such as Fiorentina, Torino, Milan, Roma and Bologna. All this with a team struggling to find the way to the net (only 44 goals scored) and without more certainties in defense. Allegri knows that, to hope for reappointment, he absolutely must find a way to get the Bianconeri into the Champions League, the minimum goal of the season.

There'è then the Italian Cup. Today è scheduled, at Allianz Stadium, the first leg of the semifinal against Lazio. Allegri finds Vlahovic again and hopes for a reaction of pride from the team. Should he succeed in winning the trophy, è it is clear that his chances of convincing the club to reappoint him for next season would increase exponentially. In short, Allegri is about to stake his future.

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