Torino: fight with Vagnati could have had serious consequences for Ivan Juric

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The quarrel might not have ended without consequences.

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about what happened in Waidring at Torino’s training camp. In fact, the heavy altercation between ds Davide Vagnati and granata coach Ivan Juric quickly made the rounds (after someone recorded it). Despite the fact that those directly involved and others proceeded to throw water on the fire, however, important consequences risked happening and plenty.

According to the reconstructions of ‘Tuttosport,’ in fact, Juric himself would seriously consider resigning. The Piedmont newspaper explained on Sunday that, in the night following the events, the Torino coach would have reflected at length and that he was ready to communicate his decision to the club. The break, however, would not happen, thanks to the prompt intervention of the locker room senators.

In fact, the main players of Torino would have spoken clearly, frankly and openly to their coach, explaining that they were completely on his side. And Juric, among other disgruntled about the market, would have changed his mind after hearing that his own boys are determined and convinced that they can build something good together in the season that is about to begin.

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