In Fantic Racing Aron Canet feels like family

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Canet on cloud nine

"The’arrival in Fantic Racing has changed me more than I thought. È a very nice environment, I found a family that never had any doubts about me. Starting with team manager Roberto Locatelli, project manager Stefano Bedon and my chief technician Jairo Carriles have been very helpful in putting me in the conditions to be able to work at my best. We won in Portugal and I am convinced that we can still achieve a lot this year’qot;. To tell it è the talented Aron Canet.

"Now we are first in the championship and we go to Austin where I have already won in 2019. My dream would be to win the second race right away but first of all we have to stay focused. We must not give up, I am the leader but we have to keep working because the others are not watching. Our goal is not è only to win races but to aim for the title, which would be the first for Fantic Racing, surely by continuing to work the way we are doing it, we could get to play for it at the end of the season" adds the Spaniard.

"There are times when you ask yourself if actually you are able to win but you have to believe in yourself, you have to believe in your dream, you have to improve your fitness and training method– and I am giving 100%. You have to focus on your working method, not on the results. The result will then come; you have to always believe 100% in yourself and not listen to criticism. If I could say something to the’Aron of 2020, I would tell him to never give up and to train the best he can, and then surely the results will come" stresses Canet again.

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