Sassuolo, Giovanni Carnevali regrets Davide Frattesi

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The words of John Carnevali

Giovanni Carnevali, Sassuolo’s CEO, è was interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport: "The chances of salvation have decreased, but they are still there. Despite the mistakes and negative results there’è awareness of our means".

"We believe in salvation in the most absolute way: I would like to play myself for the energy I have. We would need an important victory to unblock us and help us take away some fears. Optimism is part of me, not just my role, but not è facade: this team can do much more, I am convinced of that. Milan on Sunday? We are in a moment of difficultyà, sometimes playing against these teams lightens the’soul becauseé you have little to lose. You should not think too much about the standings, although è natural".

"One player among those sold that I would bring back for this final season if I could? Davide Frattesi: I love him. He has a crazy spirit, we miss him so much, more than anyone on the field and off".

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