Charles Leclerc and a Formula 1 ice cream

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Charles Leclerc’s new idea

A delicious and reduced-calorie ice cream that overcomes guilt: è this is the dream that with LEC, Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc, aware that personal success and the joy of many fans depend on commitment, training and physical fitness, shares with friends Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti, who have revolutionized the world of ice cream with the extraordinary taste of Grom, and Nicolas Todt, longtime manager of the Monegasque driver.

It all began with Charles’ desire to open an ice cream shop in Monte Carlo, his hometown, told to’his friend Federico during a lunch. This idea had at first evolved into imagining a packaged ice cream suitable for sportsmen. However, è it was when Charles confessed that he felt guilty about giving in to the temptation of eating even a simple ice cream that è the idea of a delicious, light product suitable for everyone, even as part of a conscious and balanced lifestyle, was born.

Right from the start è Guido Martinetti, the “wizard of ice cream” was also involved, with the role of product manager, who organized the many tastings necessary to make an exceptional ice cream with a unique and surprising flavor that would make all the difference.

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