Jannik Sinner is warned, Carlos Alcaraz dreams of gold with Rafa Nadal

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The words of Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz in anticipation of the Madrid Masters 1000 spoke to Marca: “A lot of times I don’t understand the situations, I don’t understand the moments and I wonder whyé, and if I’m doing things well: I’m sleeping well, I’m eating well, I’m training well and the injuries come. Eventually we have to deal with injuries".

"Although physically I feel good, I have been training well, I am 20 years old and my body is not è ready yet. I need a couple of years for my body to adapt a little bit to these rhythms. I believe that by taking care of ourselves in these years we will improve“.

On the forfeit in Monte Carlo: “I felt frustration, becauseé it was a tournament that we had decided to go to, a very nice tournament that I had only played once and I was excited to compete. When you get injured, positive thoughts never come. È it was a frustrating moment becauseé è it came all of a sudden“.

Alcaraz has a dream related to a double in Paris 2024 with Rafael Nadal: “We haven’t talked about it. I met him in the last few days, in the last tournaments, and the truth è è that I did not dare to tell him. È something I would be very excited about, it would be a dream; I know he would be excited to play with me too. I have already said a thousand times that it would be a beautiful thing to play doubles with him at my first Olympics“.

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