Flavio Cobolli, Pa. dreams of the round of 16 with Jannik Sinner

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The words of the papà and coach of Flavio Cobolli

After his two brilliant victories with Alejandro Tabilo and Nicolas Jarry, Flavio Cobolli is hunting for a trio with Russian hurdle Karen Khachanov to earn a place in the round of 16 of the Madrid Masters 1000. If he wins, the Roman tennis player could face Jannik Sinner, who will have to contend with another Russian in the third round: Pavel Kotov. Both blues will be engaged on Monday evening.

Presenting the challenge with Khachanov è was dadà and coach Stefano: "I was hoping for a reaction after Monte Carlo and Barcelona, he had gone on the court too nervous. Against Tabilo he won because he really wanted to win, and with Jarry, tennis-wise, he played one of the best matches of the year. Now against Khachanov he will have to repeat himself with a’high percentage of firsts, long backhand and a tight forehand cross court. Without complaining, with the right personality".

"The forehand is getting heavy, while the backhand è more natural, but he falls asleep more and, defensively, without a very good back, he commits major freebies,” the father added in an interview with the microphones of 'Il Messaggero' -. In 2-3 years when he gets stronger physically he will be more effective".

On the relationship between the father coach and the son pupil: "" a complicated relationship, of ups and downs, I have to be good at not being such a constant presence. I ask him and I ask myself all the time if this is okay, if I am the right coach for him or if instead there’s a need for a new coach. I still don’t really know what his room for improvement might be. Theoretically if I look at the top 15 or top 20 they all have something more than him, but Flavio always surprises me. He has the potential to make great results, he exalts himself especially in big tournaments and in difficulties.".

"If he works and è is available he can still improve in basic technique and canò be stably in the top 40. Tennis forò è also legs, head and heart, and in these aspects Flavio è already at the top: he moves very well, he knows how to suffer and è very cold, when he has to close, he closes, when he has the break ball he shoots the lungolinea. And if he hooks the opponent, he doesn’t let him go anymore," concluded Stefano Cobolli.

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