Milan, Stefano Pioli understands fans’ anger

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A message to the public after a new, failed victory.

Milan held back by Genoa at the San Siro, with a 3-3 draw resulting from the guest double lead, the Rossoneri comeback and then the own goal that set the final scoreline. A match marked by the hostility of the San Siro, which was silent at the start of the match and booed the team after the final triple whistle. And at the end of the day Stefano Pioli wanted to send a message to the fans.

"The performance there'è was, although winning would have been very important. The fans have chosen this form of protest, and we can only respect their decision,” Pioli told the microphones of 'DAZN' -The public has always been an added value for us, and if they acted this way today; they will have had their reasons. Our task, now, è to keep our concentration high in order to do well until the end".

There'è però to analyze the performance of a two-faced, if not three-faced Milan. "We got off to a bad start,” Pioli admitted. We took the field without the focus and compactness we needed. After però we managed to play the game, we created a lot and made just as many mistakes. But it wasn’t è a matter of attitude, we had taken back the game. Then we conceded Genoa’s equaliser by taking an avoidable goal".

Among the most contested by Milan fans Rafael Leao stands out. On his striker, thusì Pioli: "He was not enough inside the area, Okafor did it more and better. If I make a substitution, I don&#39t think it represents a strong choice or a message of some kind. Then the performance of players may not always be at the same level".

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