Inter dreams of Thuram-bis: ready to assault brother Khéphren

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Inter on Khéphren Thuram

Inter is dreaming of Thuram-bis. After Marcus's signing in the last summer soccer market session, the Nerazzurri have reportedly also put in their sights the younger brother Khéphren Thuram, whose contract with Nice will expire on June 30, 2025.

According to reports from "Il Corriere dello Sport", Meneghini executives Marotta and Ausilio would be intent on putting the son d'arte under contract in a year’s time for a zero-parameter, also complicit in the player’s willingness to remain on the French Riviera even next season and then put himself on the market as a free agent.

On the midfielder class 2001 there would already be the interest of several clubs, so it will be crucial for Inter to move early and try to get a pre-agreement with the player. The Milanese club, in addition, could find valuable allies in his older brother Marcus, who has reportedly already started telling Khéphren how he is enjoying his time in Milan, how he has found the ideal environment to exploit his characteristics and that the doors would be wide open for his arrival. Another important role could be played by his father Lilian, who could convince his son to espouse the Nerazzurri cause not only because of the possibility of seeing him play together with Marcus, but also because he would be aware that his second son would land in a club that has taken on an increasingly European dimension in recent years.

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