Thiago Motta dribbles past Juventus

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The words of Thiago Motta

Thiago Motta spoke in a press conference about the game against Juventus and more. "It&#39s been a beautiful week. The credit è also mine, but the protagonists are the boys. Now we think about finishing as best we can, finishing third in the league would mean adding something more to everything fantastic we have done".

"In the coming days I will meet with the president, we will make a decision together and communicate it jointly – he added, commenting then on the market rumors that point to him as the next coach of Juve -. The time is coming, but it must be done internally and with great respect for everyone".

"We think about the next game, as always, trying to play our soccer and entertain our fans. What have I done wrong this year? So many things, not è a day has passed when I didn&#39t do something wrong. I learned a lot from my mistakes, and most importantly, I was able to keep working to improve myself".

"Moments that you will never eraseò in Bologna? I think I will beò more able to do it at a distance, but now for me it becomes difficult becauseé as I said before we still have a little something to do,” he added. “I always live the games very intensely and there were many moments that make me feel young".

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