Lautaro Martinez speaks out on renewal: message to Inter Milan

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Lautaro Martinez speaks out on renewal: message to Inter'Inter

Inter captain Lautaro Martinez, before raising the second Italian champion cup of his career at San Siro, spoke to Dazn microphones about the issue of contract renewal, which Toro plans to resolve as soon as possible. "I do not know if the corporate issue has affected the talks, certainly in this week we will have to find an agreement".

On the contrast ZhankOaktree preferred not to get out of line: "Management and society" handle these things, we only think about the field: we played keeping those words away from us, let’s just enjoy the party".

On the Scudetto: "When I arrived in Italy I would not have imagined all this but we have worked so hard, both the team and the technical staff. The tears after the derby that decided the scudetto? In that jubilation there was regret for the Champions final lost last year, for the European elimination this year and also for the exit from the Coppa Italia… there was so much accumulated".

Lautaro Martinez won the championship as a protagonist: è undisputed top scorer of Serie A with 24 goals.

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