Gian Piero Gasperini doesn’t fear Bayer Leverkusen and sounds the charge

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Gian Piero Gasperini’s statements ahead of the Europa League final


After seeing the Coppa Italia slip away, Atalanta will try to triumph in the Europa League against Bayer Leverkusen, who have never been defeated this season and have already won the Bundesliga. On the eve of the match, the Orobici coach, in the usual pre-match press conference, analyzed the match that awaits his boys.

"Having reached the Champions League on Sunday è a further step, which allows us to focus exclusively on this cup. My biggest feeling è of anticipation, becauseè we believe we have prepared the game as well as we can and now we are waiting to compare ourselves. We will have to be good at regaining the right serenity. It's not easy, when you play every three days, to always be able to express yourself at your best, we have played so many positive matches, but there's still the regret of the defeat with Juventus to which we arrived not at our best. Now another challenge awaits us, another final and we have no alibi" began the Dea coach.

"Leverkusen è a great team. They are very well organized, they can count on players of great quality and excellent ductility. They defend very well and then they hurt on the restart: it is no accident that they scored so many goals on the counterattack and in the final. We must have great respect and knowledge of their characteristics, but at the same time, we come to this match with all the confidence and self-esteem we have built over the years. We will also be able to count on our fans who have made huge financial sacrifices to be close to us. For tomorrow night we will need a great Atalanta, the best version of ourselves if we want to have any hope of winning the Europa League. We will have to give a precise and attentive performance, we will have to bring the episodes on our side and be able to adapt to the opponent. We are proud of what we have done so far, but I am convinced that we can always do something more'" continued the Nerazzurri coach.

"Scamacca in recent months has made a remarkable development, not only in terms of goals. Especially in a game like the one against Juventus he would have been crucial, also because we don't have a similar alternative in the role. Tomorrow we will be able to count on our entire attack department and manage it better over the 90 minutes or even more. I am sorry for De Roon's absence, because he deserved this final. He has given so much to Atalanta and it is a pity for the whole environment that he cannot take the field in the most important match" concluded Gian Piero Gasperini.

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