Simone Anzani enjoys his return to the Azure

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The words of Anzani

After last year’s forced stop that kept him away from the courts and the national team, Simone Anzani è returned to wear the Azzurri jersey after having already done it 174 times, with the vice-captain’s armband and the experience he brought to an Azzurri group capable of achieving important results in a short time. After the first few days in Brazil, between adaptation and work, the Azzurri are preparing to face Germany in Wednesday’s opener at the Maracanazinho, the last stop in last year’s ill-fated pre-Olympic tournament.

Tracing the path of this first stage è just Simone Anzani who expressed all his excitement in rejoining this group that last year he never missed an opportunity to follow and showing all his closeness: “The fears of last year we put them behind us. I have something special with this team because we have built an important relationship over the years. I have always said it, besides being my teammates and national teammates, I consider them as my brothers. For me è it is a source of pride and I am even more motivated and charged to begin this journey of ours. Still thinking back to last year, when I couldn&#39t be on the field, I tried to be close to the boys in my small way, following them, trying to encourage them, motivate them, console them in bad moments, forò I always felt part of them even from the outside. How am I doing, never been better. I feel very good, I am very motivated to face this VNL because we have a goal in our head and that has to be our crux to accomplish. On the commitment in VNL we have to look game by game, we don&#39t look so far down the line. We still have two days before the opener with Germany, we are preparing to arrive in the best condition. The thing we have to be good at doing è is to look at what we do and then look at the other side, we have the ability and the chances to win against anybody and so our focus will be to look within and put everything we have on the field. We definitely have an important goal, we have it in our heads and we are focused on achieving it. We don&#39t have to look that far ahead, but we also told ourselves to look at the present, to look in the short term and then look game by game and try to bring home as many wins as possible. I think the Olympic season is maybe the most beautiful season, I was lucky enough to play an Olympics, the atmosphere that you experience is incredible and we have to make sure that that atmosphere is part of our days and we have to start from this VNL, we have to win the Olympic pass as soon as possible”.

All matches of the Volleyball Nations League will be broadcast on DAZN and live and on-demand on VBTV, the official Over-The-Top (OTT) live streaming platform of Volleyball World and official broadcaster of the VNL.

The Azzurri’s commitments in Brazil (Italian times)

Week 1 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – Pool 2
May 22, 10:30 pm: Germany-Italy
May 24, 10:30 p.m.: Iran-Italy
May 25, 7 p.m.: Japan-Italy
May 26, 3 p.m.: Brazil-Italy

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