Maurizio Sarri out of the teeth on Fiorentina hypothesis

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Maurizio Sarri does not rule out any option

Recently accosted to Fiorentina in the event of Vincenzo Italiano’s farewell to the violets, Maurizio Sarri wanted to clarify, explaining to the microphones of 'Sportitalia' that he does not rule out any option, but also that he has had no contact with the lily club. "It's not that I don&#39t want to go to Florence,” he said, “but there hasn't really been a negotiation&#quot;.

"I have not proposed myself to anyone,” the 2020 Italian champion coach with Juventus explained further. I have had direct contacts only with foreign companies, but to evaluate them I have to watch a dozen games, understand the general context and ask my staff for a report independent of what I think".

"I would like to make a path with players of medium-low age, within a company that wants to grow without haste, but has clear ideas" added Sarri, who coached Lazio from 2021 to March 2024, collecting a fifth and a second place in the league.

Born in 1959, Maurizio Sarri began his coaching career in the early 1990s in the Second Category with Stia. After a long apprenticeship in the regional series, he è earned promotion to D with Sansovino in 2001 and subsequently coached Sangiovannese, Pescara, Arezzo, Avellino (for one game, in the summer of 2007), Hellas Verona, Perugia, Grosseto, Alessandria, Sorrento and Empoli (a club with which he won promotion to A), before moving on to clubs of great blazon such as Napoli, Chelsea (with which he won the Europa League in 2019), Juventus and Lazio.

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