Rafael Nadal, last dance at Roland Garros? “Not necessarily.”

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The words of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal spoke at a press conference on the eve of Roland Garros: "It's very likely that this is my last Roland Garros, but I can't say 100%. I don&#39t want to deny myself this opportunity. I cannot predict what will happen, and I hope you understand what I mean. I have had a long recovery of almost two years to come back from the injury, I feel better, and I am not a guy who reacts badly because of some defeats suffered here and there.

"There are reasons that make me believe that it might not be the last one,” added the Spaniard: I still love playing tennis, I am traveling with my family today and I enjoy this new experience, and then I have not yet been able to figure out how I could play without any physical conditioning". 

The Mallorcan will debut against Alexander Zverev: "I was training and someone told me about the draw. But it was something I expected in a way, it’s part of the game when you’re not top seed like I am today, and it has to be accepted. On paper not è the best of draws, I face one of the toughest opponents who è came here after winning a Masters1000. That's how it went; and there is nothing I can do about it except to do everything I can to be ready".

"I have had two good weeks of training and I think this was  the first week that I was able to run without any discomfort and that è an encouraging thing, which is not to say that on Monday I will go down on the court and play great, I don&#39t have enough high level tennis on my shoulders yet to believe that but è enough for me now because it was a difficult circumstance and this remains a magical place. Deep in my heart I have no hope that I can win and give something good, but I have the right motivation, and although small the hope to do well is there'è" concluded Nadal.

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