Cagnardi: “The work is not finished.”

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Cagnardi’s words

Coach Devis Cagnardi spoke after his Cantù’s victory in Udine, which qualified for the A2 playoff final against Trieste: "We are very happy. We are in the final, where we wanted to be. From a technical point of view I don’t feel like commenting on the game, except that we had a very good approach and ran away very well after two quarters played really well. In the third quarter, however, our opponents fought back. We won it, then lost it, then re-won it. È it was a really difficult game, because é within the game there were some emotional moments that could have ended it both in our favor and theirs. This did not è happen becauseé today we were a very cohesive team". 

"I thank my players becauseé they made an incredible effort to bring it home. We didn’t want to go to Game 5 and be able to have a week to face the finals. È a bit of a cocky concept I know, but we had the mental strength to try. It also told us well in certain moments, because é clearly it also takes that to win a game like that. I congratulate Udine as a companyà, as a team, as a technical staff and as a public".

"We won it for us, for the whole season we did, it wasnè t easy but the work isnè t finished and we want to be determined to make this championship ours. Today we also won for our fans who were not present. They have always accompanied us everywhere, even in the most difficult away matches and midweek rounds. È right to dedicate this victory to them as well. And I dedicate this achievement of the finals to my society".

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