F1, it is immediately red flag in Monte Carlo: destroyed Sergio Perez’s car

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Munich GP stops now

The highly anticipated Monaco Grand Prix event begins immediately with a twist and a red flag. A few corners after the start, just before the Massenet bend, Kevin Magnussen’s Haas rammed Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, which got the worst of it: the Mexican went to crash violently into the barriers on his right, destroying his car. Fortunately, no problem for the driver, thanks in part to the resistance of his car's cockpit.

During the only portion of the lap covered problems also for the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz, victim of a puncture caused by contact with the McLaren of Oscar Piastri, and for the two Alpine, which at the entrance of the Tunnel go to collide: specifically, è Ocon to attack Gasly, going practically to climb on his right front wheel and causing the ire of his teammate via radio.

As for Magnussen, the Dane is at great risk in case of an investigation by the FIA commissioners: in the "points license" system reserved for F1 drivers, the Haas driver has already lost 10 out of 12, a further deduction of at least two points would force him to miss the next Grand Prix by disqualification.

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