Future at Torino or not? Ivan Juric takes his time

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The future of the bench è still to be determined.

Calciomercato Torino: The Granata season is not yet over, as Fiorentina's eventual success in the Conference League final would allow the Piedmontese to participate in the same competition next season. Still to be seen, however, is whether Ivan Juric will still lead the team. In fact, the person concerned, after the defeat in Bergamo against Atalanta, glissed on the subject.

Asked by 'Sky Sport' about his own future, in fact, Juric decided to take his time: "Until today I was very focused on Torino. Now the championship è is over, and so in the coming weeks we will see what will happen ". No further clues, then, about whether he will stay or, on the contrary, whether he will say goodbye to the granata bench.

"Closing the championship in ninth position, in my opinion, è a fantastic result – continued Juric -. Also because é our season è was very difficult, and despite injuries and problems of all kinds we finished on equal points with Napoli. Rightly, the fans are asking for more, but if we think about the placings of these years and the various convocations to the national team we have to be happy".

On his future in granata, Juric had already expressed himself before the challenge with Verona. "When you sign a contract with your company", you make a commitment. And so you have to be convinced, 100 percent,” he had stated. “I am, it would have been different if I had seen a team made up of quitters. In that case I would have said I was wrong, but it è not so here at Torino. So I have no sense of guilt, indeed".

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