Naples, acceleration for Antonio Conte’s arrival

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Napoli, acceleration for Antonio Conte's arrival

This morning’s Corriere dello Sport headlines that Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is betting everything on Antonio Conte. After the no of Gian Piero Gasperini, who will almost certainly stay at Atalanta, there&#39s a definite candidate to relaunch the partenopei after the last extremely negative year.

The biggest problem, however, è is the hiring of the former Bari, Atalanta, Siena, Juventus, Chelsea, Inter, Tottenham and the Azzurri national team coach: "Conte, let’s be clear, is not è and never has been considered an ’alternative: it would be crazy to think so. The profile è top as his resume, and consequently are also high the costs of the’operation: 20 million gross per season, we said, including the technical staff” reads Corsport.

“De Laurentiis è oriented to offer him a 6 million (or a little more’) salary and to equalize the autumn offer, when Napoli was still in contention for Champions and everything, with a bonus linked precisely to qualification for the queen of cups. Conte, however, does not want bonuses or even clauses", continues the newspaper article.

"The project fascinates him and è ready to accept, però on his terms. While Adl, who under the profile of the salary proposal s’è already pushed even beyond the 5 million of Ancelotti (and theoretically Gasperini), asks to come to him. Negotiations are proceeding, contacts are continuous: the breakthrough, one way or the other, è near".

According to the latest updates published by Tuttomercatoweb, however, Napoli has reportedly offered a three-year deal at 6.5 million euros per season (so not a little more than 6), to which bonuses will have to be added, and in the next few days the negotiation could be concluded positively.

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