NBA Play-offs: Boston also wins Game 3 and sees Finals

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Tatumn’s monster performance: 36 points scored

Ahead 2-0 in the series, valid for the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston also makes its voice heard in Indianapolis, overcoming the hosts in a comeback (114-111 the final) and bringing itself within one victory of the mathematical certainty of playing the NBA Finals.

Despite the heavy absence of Haliburton, the Pacers played an excellent game, even getting as high as +18. In the fourth period, the Celtics insert the high gears. Holiday’s points in the convulsive finale give the green-and-whites a very important win that splits the series. Tatum shined, finishing the game with 36 points, to which he also added 10 rebounds and eight assists (5/10 from three-point range).

As mentioned, remarkable the impact of Holiday who, in the final, makes the difference, especially with the recovery, with 3"3 seconds to the buzzer that prevents the Pacers from trying to win the game. Holiday finished with 14 points and nine rebounds. On the other side, a super performance by Nembhard was not enough: 33 points on the scoreboard.

On the defensive play that è was worth the game, namely Holiday’s rebound, Mazzulla, Celtics coach, explains: "It’s a trademark of his, which he can do often with his inside hand. He really made a great play", his words reported by ESPN. Down 0-3, Indiana è one step away from elimination while Boston sees the NBA Finals getting closer.

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