Ataman wins again: third Euroleague of career

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First title with Pana, had won twice with Efes'Efes

Ataman’s Panathinaikos beat Real Madrid (95-80), in Berlin, and è won the Euroleague. It was an epic victory, which came at the end of a season in which the green-and-whites have grown so much (last year they ended the Euroleague in second-to-last place).

Smiles Ataman who, in his first year on the Pana bench, managed to win what è his third Euroleague (after the two won as coach of Efes). The legendary Turkish coach è in history: he led five clubs to win a European title: Panathinaikos, Efes, Besiktas (Euro Challenge) and Galatasaray (Eurocup).

"Fantastic victory. I had told everyone at the’beginning of the season that I was here for this. I pointed to the titles hanging in OAKA and said we needed to add one. This title? The way it è arrived, it è a feat piuù grandeur in the history of the Euroleague", the words of Ataman himself in the postgame.

Among the winners also Mitoglou, former Olimpia Milano, reborn in the Pana jersey: "When we got together, on the first day, coach Ataman told us: 'We will win the EuroLeague'. I won&#39t lie to you; nobody believed it. But in the end he slowly convinced us. We believed it. He also told the press. Probably many people laughed, as we did at first, or reacted with some indifference. Today, ten months later, we are European champions", his statements to BasketNews.

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