Giovanni Di Lorenzo, agent opens up to Inter Milan.

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The words of Giovanni Di Lorenzo's agent

Mario Giuffredi, agent of Giovanni di Lorenzo, spoke about his client&#39s future in an interview with TvPlay: "There's a willingness on the part of President De Laurentiis to sell in the face of an offer. Giovanni had confirmation that the lack of trust in him had become a reality, and without the necessary trust he feels like leaving Naples. Offers? Several calls have come from top clubs".

"They talked about the year that is coming to a close and the prospects for next season. Di Lorenzo expressed feelings to Manna about a lack of trust on the part of the companyà in him. To this statement Manna responded by expressing his strong personal esteem, but explaining that on the part of President De Laurentiis there's a willingness to sell. At that point, having taken note of the president’s thinking, he explained to ds Manna that without the necessary trust he felt like leaving Naples. There cannotò be a captain challenged by his companyà".

"Until today we had never thought of leaving. We never thought of leaving Naples: we signed a contract to stay for life. È this has always been Giovanni’s desire. It changes everything, però if societyà expresses this thought".

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