Carlo Ancelotti extols Italian soccer and jokes about Rafael Leao

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Carlo Ancelotti extols Italian soccer and jokes about Rafael Leao

During an interview with the microphones of the "Repubblica", Carlo Ancelotti, among other topics, spoke bluntly about the level reached by Italian soccer and the upcoming Champions League final that awaits his Real Madrid team. In addition, the Azzurri coach also spoke plainly about AC Milan star Rafael Leao.

"Italy, in terms of results, is returning to the top in the cups. Three finalists last year, with Inter a step away from Champions. This year Atalanta won the Europa League and Fiorentina can try for it in the Conference. What is missing è an environment that needs to be undressed. At the technical level, I don't see any outstanding players, apart from Donnarumma in goal. Italian soccer has the potential to reach the generation of Pirlo, Totti and Del Piero, but it still needs some time. The average however è good, the group is there è and Spalletti’s national team canò do well" began the Real Madrid coach.

"I follow Milan from afar, with affection. From lì è returned here an extraordinary Brahim Diaz. They are a very talented team soì like Rafael Leao, who at times would be to beat up. If he were with me I would beat him every day in the hope that he would find continuity " continued the blue coach.

"Our history is identified with this competition since its creation: in the first 10 years Real won it six times. It will not be easy to beat Dortmund. They are strong, they go from defense to attack in no time. They eliminated PSG in the semifinals and Atletico in the quarters. Nothing è nothing can be taken for granted and everything has to be conquered with the usual recipe: take the field with the right attitude and know how to enjoy the privilege of a job that è is also a game. He will continue to coach as long as he stays at Real, but before I stop I want to win another Champions League" added the former Napoli and AC Milan coach.

"Mbappé? I am talking about the ones I coach now and they are very strong. Vinicius is improving every day, Bellingham understood right away what Real means. It's a very united group, it shows how they reacted to the serious injuries of Courtois and Militao in a few days and the many other setbacks. I am sure that the boys will be able to absorb the farewell of a soccer phenomenon like Kroos" in the right way, Carlo Ancelotti commented.

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