Di Gregorio-Juve, agent holds back

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The words of Michele Di Gregorio's agent

Carlo Alberto Belloni, Michele Di Gregorio’s agent, gave a lengthy interview to Sportitalia, in which he also spoke about the future of his client, on whom è Juventus’s interest is strong: "Of all that è has been written, there ’è a little truth;: there have been talks with Juventus. From there to say that it’s all done, it’s not è true".

"We are talking, the championship è ended two days ago, this è the time when all clubs are arranging so many managerial aspects, of coaches – added the Monza goalkeeper’s attorney -. It’s a pleasure, but soì as there have been with Juve, there may have been other chats. Then Michele will take his vacation and if we have something concrete and there is a possibility to leave Monza, then he will do so.

According to Belloni, however, Di Gregorio è ready for a big one like Juventus and to more competition: " Regarding competition certainly, there’è always been. As you go up the level, the competition rises and helps you become stronger. And as far as being ready, absolutely sì, because of the path you have taken".

"È was best goalkeeper in C with Renate, then best goalkeeper again in C with Novara, the best goalkeeper in B with Pordenone, then promotion with Monza, last year è was in the top 3 and this year the best even in A. The performance speaks for him, as does his working methodology. È finished the championship, but the boy now è still at the camp to do therapies, because heé has a rib discomfort that he wants to fix before the holidays" concluded Di Gregorio's agent.

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