Monza, work in progress on the market

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Monza, work in progress on the market

During the presentation of Alessandro Nesta as the new coach of Monza we è as logical, also talked about soccer market, with Adriano Galliani, CEO of the Brianza company, who made a little melina.

"The return of Daniel Maldini? For now it is only a suggestion. There'è no negotiations for Szczesny, if by negotiations we mean a real negotiation" he assured.

As for outgoing players, it is impossible to evade the subject Colpani: "There’è no ongoing negotiations with Fiorentina, nor with other clubs. He’s our player, then we will see’".

Nesta likes the player and not a little:  "He’can’make a difference, but the market is made by managers, prosecutors and the players themselves" he cut it short.

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