Adriano Galliani gets emotional

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Adriano Galliani is moved

Adriano Galliani è returned to talk about Silvio Berlusconi. And he è was moved. It’ happened during the presentation of Alessandro Nesta as the new coach of Monza. A choice that, according to Galliani, the Cavaliere would have appreciated.

"I talk about him as if Silvio was still among us – said the Brianza executive -. And è certainly pleased with the’arrival of Nesta at Monza".

"I saw Berlusconi’s eyes glitter twice more than the others. It’ happened in Barcelona, in 1989, after winning the Champions Cup with Steaua, and in Pisa, two years ago, after Monza"’s promotion to Serie A, added Galliani.

"In my life I have had the good fortune to meet a genius – Galliani’s conclusion – If in 110 years of history Monza è arrived in Serie A and if then there’è stayed already for two years a reason thereà".

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