Euro 2024, Alvaro Morata took a big risk but the final is safe

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The words of De la Fuente

It could really have had more serious consequences the incredible injury suffered by Alvaro Morata after the triple whistle of the semifinal won by his Spain against France that è earned the pass to the Euro 2024 final.

A fan è entered the field hunting for a selfie and a steward to tackle him ended up knocking over the Atletico Madrid striker, who got up limping and with a grimace of pain on his face that did not go away for several minutes.

In Spain they had even started talking about the final being in jeopardy, but in the postgame came more reassuring news, between thumbs up from teammates questioned in the mixed zone and the words of technical commissioner Luis de la Fuente, who answered a specific question this way: "We believe it is nothing".

Morata should therefore take the field regularly on Sunday evening at the center of Spain&#39s attack, which is now waiting to know whether it will face England or Holland.

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