Michele Di Gregorio, no to Liverpool for Juventus

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The words of Di Gregorio's agent

Carlo Alberto Belloni, Michele Di Gregorio’s attorney, spoke to Tuttosport about his client’s transfer from Monza to Juventus: "Director Giuntoli strongly wanted him. He told him several times that he saw in him Angelo Peruzzi".

"When we were negotiating the move to Juve Giuntoli told DiGre several times that winning teams are built from strong goalkeepers and he for his team wanted to have the best in Serie A: Di Gregorio, precisely", he added.

The'alternative would have been Liverpool: "There’was a strong interest from the Reds, forò I would like to emphasize that it was not a no to Liverpool, but rather the keeping of the word given to Juve. We had been shaking hands with Giuntoli already for a few months and we wanted to respect the agreement made. For a goalkeeper, Juve represents the top as a club to play for: history says so".

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