Yamal plays modest after pearl against France

©Getty Images

The words of Lamine Yamal

Lamine Yamal, awarded as the best player of Spain-France 2-1 by virtue also but not only of the beautiful goal of the Red Furies’ equalizer, gave a brief interview to UEFA microphones immediately after the match that è earned the final at Euro 2024.

"The most important thing è the final and now we aim for the title. It was a difficult game, on the goal I tried to aim, I brought it on my foot and then it è went well. I am happy, è it went well and now I only think about the victory. My goal è to bring home the trophy", said the 16-year-old Barcelona talent.

Yamal è was substituted only in the midst of recovery to miss a few seconds but è is now an immovable starter for a team that could return to the roof of Europe on Sunday should they win against England or Holland.

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