Julio Velasco pulls the ears of his girls

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The words of Julio Velasco

Julio Velasco did not take the friendly defeat in Florence to Serbia well: "I didn’t like the team tonight, because it was submissive. We did a lot of lobs instead of attacking decisively. In addition to the technical errors, let&#39s say that I didn&#39t like the team&#39s attitude, whereas usually it&#39s always very positive. Tonight we did not take responsibility for certain situations, we should have played much more aggressively than we did. Maybe the first place in the VNL was good for us from one point of view, but from the other not".

"In that tournament we got a result by fighting on every ball and always being aggressive. We played a lot of first halves, while today we did not succeed. What I didn’t è like was not only the fact that we è lost, but also how we è lost. We have to take advantage of this game to understand that you cannotè give anything to the’opponent”.

Myriam Sylla also spoke: "The VNL chapter è closed and put aside; we know very well that we have started a new path that will lead us to Paris. Today we got a little taste of what it is like to come back after a competition. It è does not make it easy, but still there were positive aspects. We are confident and aware of what we want. The VNL has provided us with important input, è important for our growth path, but now we look to Paris in a positive way. We are curious to see where we can get".

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