Napoli, Ciccio Graziani promotes Alessandro Buongiorno and judges on Romelu Lukaku

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Ciccio Graziani exposes himself on Buongiorno and Lukaku

Napoli è among the most active clubs in this start of the summer soccer market. After closing the transactions of Rafa Marin and Leonardo Spinazzola, the Neapolitan club would have no intention of stopping and would be ready to give more shots to the newly appointed coach Antonio Conte. In defense, in fact, the Azzurri would be one step away from Torino’s Alessandro Buongiorno, while in attack the main target to replace Victor Osimhen remains Romelu Lukaku. On the possible arrival of these two players at the court of the Salento coach, Ciccio Graziani, the former center forward of Torino, has expressed himself in no uncertain terms.

"If Conte wants Lukaku, Napoli should do everything to get him, there's a special chemistry between the two and a lot of mutual esteem. It is difficult for him to return the one from Inter, but in the last season with Roma I did not mind and even at the European Championships he did not do badly, except for the goals cancelled for offside" began the former Fiorentina coach at the microphones of "Radio Goal" on Kiss Kiss Napoli.

"The club’s main problem è that of selling Osimhen, as the market for spikes has not è yet entered into full swing. Antonio è a concrete technician, when he says things he says them once and you have to understand them, because either you follow him or you go off the rails and go somewhere else" continued the former Roma player.

"Everyone is talking about the Calafiori-Arsenal deal and è right given the excellent season he had and the positive European Championship with the Azzurri shirt, but Buongiorno, in my opinion, è even stronger and if Napoli gets him they would make a bargain. He's young, however; he already has a lot of experience especially in the three-man defense" concluded Ciccio Graziani.

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