F1, on Mercedes’ problems comes Red Bull’s dig

©Getty Images

A rivalry that is renewed, despite the difficulty of the opponents.

The year 2022 is proving to be the most difficult season for Mercedes since Formula 1 entered the turbo-hybrid era. Only in the last Canadian Grand Prix were concrete signs of recovery seen from Lewis Hamilton, who, however, had to welcome a third place as a victory. Blame, among other things, the porpoising that grips the Anglo-German team, and on which came a new dig directly from the Red Bull house.

Framing the situation was Chris Horner, during an interview for ‘Autosport’: “I’m aware that several drivers have complained about these jumps, but it’s a problem we’ve never had. If they have this behavior in Mercedes, more than the regulations, the fault lies with the concept of the car they have designed.

“Their single-seater is very rigid, but if it turns out to be dangerous in Mercedes they can also decide not to field it. Otherwise the FIA may consider exposing the black flag against them,” the Red Bull team principal added.

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