Trieste, lightning deal with Davis Jr: “Signed after not even an hour.”

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Synergy of intent behind agreement with Allianz: “This city welcomed him in the best way.”

Allianz Pallacanestro Trieste announced that it has reached an agreement with Corey Davis Jr for the 2022-2023 season. The class ’97 Lafayette native point guard will wear red and white again and will be part of the roster available to coach Marco Legovich and his staff.

“We had been cautious in our statements in the past few days – the comment of President Mario Ghiacci – but I will not hide the fact that this contract renewal was definitely satisfactory for both parties. Small anecdote about the negotiation: it never happened that a contract came back to me from the United States signed after not even an hour that I had sent it. Corey never hid his desire to stay in Trieste, a city that welcomed him in the best way and gave him the opportunity to showcase himself on an important sports stage. We, too, are happy to have been able to confirm him: in the past season he performed well and, above all, he showed that he cared about the fate of the team; he showed leadership qualities that were fundamental in a complex moment. He is not afraid to take a lot of responsibility on himself, and we are very happy that he is still our director.”

Coach Legovich is also very pleased: “I am definitely happy to be able to re-embrace Corey next season, his great desire to come back to Trieste, to this team, made the difference in this negotiation. Technically we know him well and we already know the impact he can have on the team both in terms of personality and play. He is a player capable of an excellent defensive phase, but also able to shoulder the burden of the attack in decisive moments, a leader. I had a chance to talk to him a lot in the past few days: he accepted with great enthusiasm the technical proposal we made to him for next year, and frankly I can’t wait to have him in Trieste to start the preparation.”

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