Maurizio Buscaglia enjoys the new Pesaro

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The words of Maurizio Buscaglia

Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro coach Maurizio Buscaglia spoke to Corriere Adriatico: “The acclimatization is going well, because beyond all the steps we’ve had from a month ago, so the talking to each other, the organization of the team’s work, there is feeling and unity of purpose. We’ve been together first in forming the team, but then in preparing everything around the team, starting with the preseason, the details of the start of our training sessions, the work with the technical and medical staff, and my acclimatization is going well, because I’ve found very helpful people who have insight. I also like the acclimatization in the city, because there are a lot of smiles and there is a lot of participation, with a lot of people calling you across the street to give you their encouragement. With the understanding that we have never played yet and we know that very well, however, it is nice to feel the warmth of the people. Already the responsibility is great because the club is of a certain type. In addition, the responsibility is important because we have to a little bit continue but also start again, so people’s participation is in my opinion an added value and I hope it will be at the arena when we start playing. Beyond that a team the cheers and compliments must earn them, however, I also realize that in a arena like this, with a public and a city like this, if you are pushed you find energy even where you think you don’t have any.”

“Pesaro however is a club that has had a lot of players, has launched players, has a brand of players that passing through here either made it or got back into a certain type of market or built it. All of us who are working here have in turn the same or identical experiences, so a little bit of a brand you have. Beyond small changes it’s a cohesive group that knows what it’s like to play in Pesaro, and is highly motivated for this jersey. So the moment you make the team you have another important point of reference, and that’s framing the players to the ones you have so that there are possibilities and balance.”

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