Domenico Acerenza pampers Gregorio Paltrinieri

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Acerenza pampers Paltrinieri

He is still in disbelief Domenico Acerenza, silver in the 10km in Budapest behind teammate and friend Gregorio Paltrinieri.

“I’m over the moon, I worked for this, I dreamed it, don’t wake me up if it’s a dream! In the race I was super calm, swimming well, loose. We slowed down a bit at one point, but I felt I had energy. I controlled it well and in the end I gave it my all. Gregorio was off, uncatchable, but I’m super happy. We are both superdetermined and proud. With Gregorio every training session is a race. We are friends in life and we trust each other. The result is also the result of this,” recounted the Gold Flames’ Class of ’95.

“I dedicate it to my family and my future wife who are here. Now, however, we are not stopping, there have been ups and downs but I have been enjoying this sport since I was six years old and as long as I have that spirit I will continue to swim,” Acerenza concluded.

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