Gregorio Paltrinieri thanks Domenico Acerenza after resounding feat

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Paltrinieri thanks Acerenza

Gregorio Paltrinieri is over the moon after winning gold in the 10km open water race at the World Championships in Budapest.

“It’s a dream. First and second is the best thing that could happen. When I started I could feel that he was behind me and not Wellbrock,” says the Fiamme Oro and Coopernuoto holder, last year’s European tricampion here. Mimmo I feel it from the way he touches my feet, he squired for me and I thank him. The strategy was to let him go, that he would carry me to a final where I could attack and wear him down starting from a distance; I drank a lot and then the last 1500 I pulled hard starting on my favorite side. We are great friends with Acerenza; we trained a lot of time together in Ostia this year. I come back with four medals which is almost the full haul; I started this post-Olympic season well, training hard and proved to myself that I could do well. At the beginning of this new adventure you always get a thousand worries especially after the 800 in the pool. There I got discouraged and thought I was going home with nothing. But instead it was the spark, because I needed to break the ice to start a compelling ride,” recounted the Carpigian.

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