Matteo Berrettini: the roadmap after positivity

©Getty Images

New plans after the great disappointment.

Matteo Berrettini knows he can no longer take part in Wimbledon due to Covid positivity. And there is no shortage of frustration, not only because of the knowledge of a Slam to which he was among the favorites, but also because his health condition is already close to perfect. Precisely for this reason, thoughts are already being given to resuming his work.

The confirmation comes from Vincenzo Santopadre, Berrettini’s coach and already returned to Italy having been negative. The Roman outfielder, however, is still in London waiting for the buffer that will allow him to start again. “It didn’t take, but that’s how it is now and we are ready to turn the page,” Santopadre said, as reported by the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’.

Berrettini’s coach, however, does not want to exaggerate with the sorrowful tones: “This time is different from the others, because we are not expecting a prolonged period of treatment. We will get right back to work to return to Gastaad from July 18 and Kitzbuehel from July 25. As usual, after a forced stop we will come back with more drive than before.”

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