Settebello feat: Hungary knocked down, it’s world semifinals

©Getty Images

Sevens in semifinals.

Italy’s water polo team beats Hungary 11-10 at the World Cup. Now the Azzurri will have to take on Greece in the next stage of the competition. And the victory is even sweeter because it was achieved in Budapest against the dreaded hosts, moreover withstanding their late comeback attempt.

Italy, moreover, had in turn been able to overturn the result after the 3-2 loss to Hungary with which the first period had ended. Unforgettable then was the evening for Di Fulvio, author of both the 3-3 and the 4-3 Settebello lead. A lead that was never recovered, so much so that Di Fulvio also signed the 6-5 that proved decisive in retrospect.

After the Azzurri twice took a three-goal lead and once even a four-goal lead, Hungary in fact attacked with all its might in search of an equalizer. But the Settebello held the last goal gap in the final 17 seconds and then exploded in unbridled joy.

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